Branding Mini Guidelines

Branding Mini Guidelines

The latest graphic design trends- a mini guide

Graphic design trends are already taking shape. You don’t need a crystal ball to see them. If you have not yet identified these trends and don’t know how to create a buzz with your visuals, hire the motion graphics companies in Egypt. Here’s, you will learn the latest trends in graphic designs!

Increasingly impactful typographies

For this year, you do not have to fear to become short-sighted: you will be able to see, from afar, the texts of posters, advertisements, or websites because the trend of the year will go to bold and typographies.

Bright color gradients

Playing on a two-tone presentation, almost in gradation, of these allows us to highlight the illustrations in flat design that have imposed themselves in recent times. It gives off a welcome dynamism and vitality. This technique also allows you to stay on the same color palette, without risking the rainbow effect, but without monotony either. This facilitates the choice of tones.

You will also find more and more shades reminiscent of neon and fluorescent from the 80s to 90s—a noticeable trend when the children of these times are the decision-makers now.

Subtly colors

Take care of your vision in 2020, slightly toning down the flash colors of your designs. The trend is towards slightly muted tones, mixing a hint of white or black.

These colors are not very far from the pastels seen a few years ago, and their interest is to appear more natural than pop colors.

Logos suitable for all screens

The responsive design allows your site to be as practical and readable on a smartphone than on a big screen. It has become a standard on the web. It is the same for logos, which will have to come in different versions – the largest and most elaborate being reserved for publications with maximum space. The logos will also have a more refined model, reduced to its simplest expression, which may appear in a small square like page tabs in browsers. It is the easiest way to occupy the field visually. The most difficult, perhaps, will be to determine what constitutes the essence of your logo, which makes it possible to identify you even in the absence of all its packaging. And this approach can sometimes require a prior redesign of the logo itself.

The technical aspect will not be neglected either: 

The motion graphic design will be more highlighted in the future of internet pages for a good reason. It tells a story where the landing pages will be minimalist and the illustrations simpler. Do you want to create visual impact but don’t know how to design an appealing graphics? Contact to motion graphics companies in Egypt to design your brand identity!