About us

IPG Services Free Zone specializes in the development and commercialization of Tubular Running services. With a focus on safety and efficiency, IPG provides quality products and services. In combination with outstanding engineering, IPG’s experienced and dedicated field personnel work to deliver excellence. IPG generates real value for customers. Visit the IPG website to learn more about the comprehensive services available.

Our Features

- Casing & Tubing Tubular Running Services
- Fill up & Circulating Tools Services
- Bucking Services for Carbon Steel & Chrome Tubular
- Cold Cutters rental.
- Water Blasting & Coating.
- Pipe line Services
- Handling tools on rental .
- API Casing & Tubing Lubricants.
- Casing Access. , Centralizers & Stops.
- Solid Control & Waste Management.
- Soil Remediation.

Our partners

IPG Services are committed to deliver the safest and most efficient services to our clients with advanced, comprehensive solutions backed by a group of experts.

We supply and serve to meet customer satisfaction